providing loving care for longmont pets

     Love your pet care is a husband and wife team Providing Mobile dog Grooming and Pet Care services in Longmont, CO.  we dedicate ourselves to providing your pets with loving, gentle, natural, fun, and honest care.  as loving pet owners ourselves, we understand the concern of Finding someone you trust not just to provide basic services, but to ensure these very special family members have a loving and Reliable friend.   

     our pet care service is built on trust and love, but also experience.  our combined years of animal ownership cover all the standard household pets, as well as a wide variety of exotics.  we both have experience working in boarding facilities and grooming salons.  we are certified as veterinary assistants, and have some limited experience working in a veterinary setting as well.  we have many satisfied customers and cannot wait to meet you and your furry/hairy/scaled/feathered family!


Who We are

A little about us:  We have been working towards owning a business together that revolves around pets for many years.  We took a course to become Certified Veterinary Assistants and we have worked with animals in many settings: pet store, boarding kennel, grooming salon, horse camp, and veterinary office.  What we found in all of our pet care service positions is that we want to help pets where they are happiest and most comfortable, in their home. We wanted to provide the services and love we like our own animals to receive. Pets don't always know why they need grooming, why you are not taking them for their walk, throwing the ball, or sitting on the floor giving them a belly rub.  All they know with our service is that a person they trust is at their house ready to provide the loving care they deserve and be their friend.  We have been partners in life since 2002 and were married in Feb 2006.  Our energetic and inquisitive children are the main joy and focus in our lives, followed closely by our dogs and cats.   Our human children, and in the right circumstances our own dogs, will occasionally come with us to a visit.  Many pets find it reassuring to have these friends to interact with, especially if they have human kids of their own.  Animals have always been a source of joy and inspiration in our lives, the list of animals that have lived in our home includes dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, chickens, and a rabbit.  At one point our 2 bedroom home had 17 residents, all happy and well loved.  We believe that pets can brighten any household and can be the best friend you never knew you needed.  We have rescued neglected pets, fostered temporary friends, and many years ago were blessed by litters of puppies and kittens within a week of each other.  We have abundant experience with animals, dedicate ourselves to service with respect, and cannot wait to love your pet!  

     Kristi is our founder and is certified as a Professional Dog Groomer by the Classy Pet Grooming School in Loveland, CO.  As long as she can remember, caring for animals is all she has wanted to do.  Kristi has a compassion for all things living, is an avid nature lover, and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible.  She loves to craft, create amazing art and decor, and get dirt under her nails in the garden.  Kristi grew up with a love for animals so strong, she would often comfort her beagle Ginger in her doghouse when it was raining and Ginger was frightened.  If you don't already love her gentle personality...... you will.

     Jens is the newest addition to the LYPC team.  He joined after spending over a decade in the specialty foods industry and is an A.C.S. Certified Cheese Professional.  Jens is now our main dog walker.  You will find he is witty, gentle, and known for his respect and responsibility.  He loves to cook, is a passionate bluegrass musician, enjoys family time outdoors exploring nature, and wishes Major League Baseball would abolish the Designated Hitter.  He has cared for his friend's and family member's pets from and early age, and has an amazing ability to attract even the shyest of cats ( which our youngest daughter inherited as well).

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